About hookthreader.com

Hook Threader is a family business. Our mission is to supply anglers all over the world with an affordable, easy to use fish hook threading tool. As a keen fisherman I would wet a line either before dawn or after dusk, use small hooks and try to increase my chances of hooking more, and better quality fish.

All too often a fishing session would end in frustration. If you’ve ever been busted off by a good fish, the adrenalin pumping and you’re desperate to get another bait in the water as quickly as possible, but can’t seem to thread a hook onto your line no matter how hard you try, then you'll know how I felt.

Magnifeye Hook Threader is the result of that frustration.

I clearly remember the day I decided I was going to do something about it. I had lost a good fish that took my line around an oyster covered pylon early one morning before work. Then came the usual attempts at rerigging with no success followed by some colorful language. That particular morning as I was leaving the pier an old timer asked me if I would tie his hook on for him. " No worries Mate " I tied on his hook, wished him good luck and went on my way. At that very moment the light bulb switched on. By the time I got to work I had the design for a prototype in my head. Before work had finished that day I had a bulky aluminum prototype in my hand and a grin from one ear to the other. It worked perfectly, I could not believe the solution was so simple. Soon came a more refined version and then the decision to back my idea with our hard earned cash. The solution for tying a reliable knot was solved with a simple tool that took a little longer to develop. While a perfect working prototype was made and production would have been very cost effective, I could not go ahead with it when I realized by changing the way I tied my fishing knots using just my fingers, I could actually tie my knots even quicker and easier.

Our "Best fishing knots tied easily." video is on this website and might be helpful.

Well that's our story in a nutshell.

There are many reasons why anglers can experience difficulty threading hooks onto their lines.

Some of these reasons include:

• Vision impairment.

• Shakes.

• Unstable platform / boat movement.

• High winds.

• Loss of dexterity.

• The youngster who needs Dads help just when Dad is getting a good bite. 

We trust if you ever experience this problem or know someone who might, MHT will be the solution.

Please check out our video tips while you’re here.


Tight Lines.

Scott Molyneux (Inventor of MHT)